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If you'd like us to let you know when a new version is out, contact us.

Qstit 3.1


The latest version of Qstit 3 available for download should be considered stable enough to use in a production context. The list of potential bugs and fixes will be updated regularly as we work on new versions. Please contact us if you run into problems using it. Also, it is now available for testing on Mac OSX! Refer to the download page.

Qstit 3 beta


Qstit 3 is now available for download in beta versions. It is still called beta because it's not quite finished, some things are subject to change and we are working on fixing some bugs, but it is mostly stable and already a lot better than version 2. So use it only after a bit of testing to make sure it works for you, and do let us know if you encounter problems or have any comment.
Refer to the features page to see what's new.
Updates will be released regularly from now on, check the download page to get the latest version.

What's new in Qstit 3 ?


A new version is almost ready for use and will be released soon. Qstit has been entirely rewritten and now uses the Qt5 libraries. Here are a few things you can expect for this release, including some features that have been requested by users:
· Proper "two screens" mode, with independent "projector screen" and "control screen", so you can do other things on your control screen while using Qstit. "One screen" mode is still available if you like to have the same image on your monitor and projector;
· Ability to show up to 6 lines of text per surtitle;
· Progress bar for .srt files for a more visual way of seeing when the next line is coming;
· Control on the display of blank lines (between titles) and ability to disable them in .txt files so you can jump to the next line directly;
· Ability to flag lines while projecting without jumping to that line;
· Easier file edition;
· Error detection and (some) correction, with a possibility to save the corrected file;
· Better log system;
· More flexibility with the configuration files;
· Translation of the interface made easy;
· Ability to launch a file with Qstit (right click on a .txt or .srt file, open with...);
· ...

Qstit 3, coming soonish...


For those who wonder, we're working on version 3. We're rewriting most of the code so it takes time. Lots of things will work better, including multi-screen support (so you can show the surtitles on your second screen/projector and do something else on your main screen at the same time), fullscreen display and a new windowed mode (so you can play the subtitles while checking the video file for instance), support for more text on screen, a more flexible settings system and following several requests the ability to disable the "empty lines" between titles. We'll also have a few gadgets that will make life easier, or at least surtitling...

Qstit 2.9.6


Corrects a bug when resuming the timer that was introduced in the previous version. Thanks to Hig for reporting it.

Qstit 2.9.5


New version with better and more accurate timer function (changes are particularly notable on Windows), thanks to Jakub Królikowski for pointing out a solution.
Loading of position settings is corrected as well.

Qstit 2.9.4


No change for Mac this time, just a small correction for the display on Linux and Windows.

Qstit 2.9.3


Small change for Mac, this version is the same as the previous one for Linux and Windows.

Qstit 2.9.2


Updated version available, see the Download / Install page to get it. If you're using our ppa for Ubuntu, the update is automatic.
Amongst other things, it fixes the subtitle frame size calculation for Mac, the Help window can be resized, the advanced settings for lines visibility has been clarified, and a test screen has been added for calibration (activate it with Ctrl+T or via the settings).

Qstit 2.9.1


A new version is available, see the Download / Install page to get it.
It corrects numerous small problems and the settings system has been revised. It is more complete and now works properly.