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Qstit - Logiciel de surtitrage
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Qstit is a free software to project and manipulate electronic subtitles live (also called surtitles, supertitles, or soft-titles). They can be added over a film or projected on a dedicated screen. Qstit is made with film projections in mind but is flexible and can also be useful for various types of events and in many contexts (theatre etc.).

Qstit can read plain text files (.txt) or SubRip files (.srt) with timecodes (see examples or detailed explanations).

The projection can be automated with .srt files, Qstit can adapt the projection speed and resynchronize titles live in case of delay.

The titles and timecodes can be corrected directly inside the program and the modified file can be saved.

The display (position, size, font, colour, etc.) can be easily adjusted and settings can be saved for each file individually or set by default.

Qstit is coded in C++ and uses Qt libraries. It can be used on GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac.

Feedback is welcome. Don't hesitate to let us know what you think about the program and how you use it. Feel free to help or support in any way you can (financially, technically...). Contact us.